Taking delivery & initial impressions: Audi A4 40 TFSI Premium Plus

Coming from the 105 hp diesel mill of my (ex) Vento, the petrol refinement in the A4 feels surreal.

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The 4 rings come home, finally!

The car, decked up like a schönes geschenk, arrived home on the auspicious 2nd of April:

..and started beaming into the parking lot immediately:

Today is already the 4th day but the waterfall of excitement continues to drown us! Thanks Mr. Horch, for the wonderful legacy.

Have managed to take the odo to only 237 km so far. Am completely enamored with what I have seen so far, the sweet ‘Audi type’ font-face on the perfectly symmetrical dials:

And have some, what they call as ‘tip of the iceberg’ observations to share herewith:

  • Overall:- Mind-blowing & Addictive, 2 words to describe the ownership experience so far
  • Suspension:- the 5-link suspension at the front and rear, works EXACTLY like advertised. Comfort rough road suspension is the fancy adjective here, and does it behave like that!
  • Engine:- the EA888 190 hp TFSI is a gem of an engine. Coming from the 105 hp diesel mill of my (ex) Vento, the petrol refinement in the A4 feels surreal. I am yet to get used to the in-line acceleration trajectory, but all I can say it is addictive, and some more!
  • Interiors:- Everything is built to last, and maybe built on some other planet. And totally empirical, by the way,
  • NVH:- Not a single, unnecessary unit of decibel inside the cabin when the windows are rolled up. Feels like a tomb (eerily) when the music is turned off.
  • Ride & handling:- very good. I can’t wait to rejuvenate our Pune-Nagpur/Bhopal 850km day-long trips. Possibly more.
  • Driving:- Plenty to choose from Efficiency, Comfort, Auto, Dynamic (there’s Individual also). Different modes for different moods.
  • Audio quality/ In-car entertainment:- Involving. Engaging. Lots to play around. More than enough for us, 10 speakers.
  • S-tronic:- Don’t have enough adjectives for this piece of engineering marvel. And with the specially adapted version for the longitudinal engine of the A4, the joy gets multiplied. I have been driving the smaller DQ200 for 87,000+ km and I can FEEL the difference, literally & immediately.
  • myAudi Connect:- of all the lot, the app experience has been slightly iffy. Audi has put a picture of the B8 model for the B9 A4 that I own! Some info (like the one on trip details including hard acceleration, hard braking etc) is useful, while some other info is just for the uninitiated.

Some pics from the myAudi Connect..

Shocked to see this prev-gen image:

Have emailed Audi India, btw.

A good variety of information on the app home page:

As mentioned earlier, the above points are my initial observations and not detailed/complete as such. Am getting the ownership report ready for the TBHP foundry, as I clock more miles and explore a thing or two more in the process. Also, will continue to learn from the valuable ownership experiences that have been already put up on the forum.

P.S. the swastik mark on the bonnet was present for a brief duration. Promptly removed with a acetone-free, gentle cleanser after the pics were taken.

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