The Honda Prologue EV SUV Will Kick Off the Automaker\u2019s EV Era

Honda is kicking off its major EV push with the best shot of success: a crossover. Formalizing its new start, Honda will call the electric crossover Prologue, which nods at Honda’s past as well as what’s to come. The Prologue is expected to hit the US market in 2024, and springboards Honda’s new goal of completely electrified car sales by 2040.

While it’s still years from public consumption, we do know something about this upcoming EV SUV. We know that the Honda Prologue will use the Ultium batteries from General Motors for power. These batteries will also power the Acura EV that will follow the Honda Prologue.

Honda’s EV platform will be, like most EV platforms, relatively modular. Honda plans on rolling out this architecture in the second half of this decade, and it will carry the e:Architecture label. This platform will be part of the strategic partnership with General Motors, though Honda says it will be leading the development.

Still, 2024 is far away. There’s no way to tell what benchmarks Honda or General Motors will be shooting for by then, or what advances in battery technology will affect the prospective range of this Prologue SUV. We would be surprised if Honda and General Motors aren’t thinking of 300 miles worth of range as the baseline for this new project. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until the Prologue is closer to production-ready to get those numbers.

The Honda Prologue shows that Honda is ready to tackle EVs, but do you think Honda will be too late to the game? Let us know your thoughts below.

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