This Nasty Nurburgring Spin Demonstrates The Toyota MR2's Dark Side

The third-generation Toyota MR2 was mocked at the time of its launch for being a bit limp compared to more powerful sports cars. With 138bhp from a 1.8-litre four-pot mounted behind the two seats it wasn’t especially fast, true, but boy could it teach a person about handling.

All rear-drive, mid-engined cars can be a handful beyond the limit, and the MR2 is no exception. It just dished out another painful lesson to one enthusiastic driver on the Nurburgring Nordschleife. As the left-hand drive roadster swings into view, already travelling at speed and with the spin already beginning, we get the impression that this was a panic/lift-off oversteer moment.

Toyota - This Nasty Nurburgring Spin Demonstrates The Toyota MR2's Dark Side - News

The driver manages to keep it out of the barriers with his foot hard on the brake, but as the momentum swings the car around to face rearwards, now back on the circuit, he keeps his foot on the brake instead of lifting off and letting the car regain grip and steering control.

With all hope of a save quickly vanishing, the poor MR2’s bum kisses the barrier hard enough to smash the rear lights and no doubt crack the rear bumper. It’s seen driving away from the scene, but we hope he owned up to what he’d done. If he didn’t, he’s in even more bother, because he left his rear number plate behind.

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