Upgrade Your Older Car’s Interior with Some Newfangled Tech

There are many reasons folks prefer older vehicles, ranging from the way they drive and nostalgia to a preference for simplicity. The one caveat to driving retro is, well, the retro tech. Many modern vehicular conveniences have been taken for granted at this point, but hop into the driver’s seat of a cruiser from a bygone era, and you’ll quickly miss your GPS or Bluetooth capabilities.

Luckily, there are plenty of highly rated products on Amazon you can snag to bring some modern convenience into your treasured ol’ Bessie. So the next time you want to take a drive in your retro ride, consider the things on this list to make it a bit more enjoyable.

Illuminate Your Car’s Interior with These Fresh LED Lights

This is the cheapest way to get Bluetooth capability in your car—you just need a functional radio and 12V socket. Essentially, this device transfers your Bluetooth signal into an FM radio signal, which is then picked up by your vehicle’s radio. However, the sound quality doesn’t quite beat a wired connection like an aux cord.

You have to go back a few generations of audio capability to stumble upon cassette players in cars, but they’re still out there. This adapter inserts right into your car’s cassette player and typically produces a cleaner sound than a Bluetooth transmitter, but you just need a phone with a headphone jack—which seems to be becoming more rare.

This USB device charger plugs right into any 12V socket and is able to charge both Apple and Android phones. This can be handy when you’re blasting music and following GPS directions, which quickly drains your phone’s battery. Just make sure you have your own cord. 

Use these LED bulbs to replace those old, yellow, dull dome lights to help show off that classic interior. This set of 10 bulbs works for your license plate, dome, map, glovebox, door lights, and more. You can even choose different colors if you want to get fancy.

This system features a ton of functions, including a remote start, keyless entry, security, and more. Take your time to research if it’s compatible with your vehicle and don’t be afraid to ask a professional for installation help; these can be daunting. But once it’s all hooked up, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. 

This handy device becomes your entire infotainment hub, offering built-in Apple CarPlay. This provides access to music, GPS, and phone calls, all while being easily accessible right next to your steering wheel. It also features an HDMI input to connect other devices.

A dash cam is essential to protecting your car, valuable or not—so we recommend getting this dual dash cam, which features a camera for the front and rear of your vehicle. The front-facing camera records in 4K and the rear-facing camera captures in 1080P, giving you clarity in case you need to review footage. 

A good backup camera can be a bumper saver, and that’s the reason they are now mandatory on new cars. This one is an easy plug-and-play option, with a 1080P camera and a 4.3-inch monitor. The bracket can be hidden under the license plate for a nice, discreet look. 

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