Watch Richard Hammond Make VW Currywurst

Richard Hammond is back on TV and his latest show takes a look at the planet’s biggest structures and machines. In the first episode, he explores the world’s biggest car factory: Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg plant.

In this clip, Hammond takes a look at the item that VW’s Wolfsburg plant produces the most of: currywurst. In fact, Wolfsburg produces more of the curry-flavored sausages than VW does cars worldwide.

The clip sees Hammond struggling through the process of making the sausages, which are butchered, flavored, and encased at the factory.

As someone who has visited Wolfsburg on a handful of occasions, I can tell you that the sausage is, indeed, pretty good. Though whether or not it’s the best sausage in the world is a more contentious claim to this palate.

Regardless, the fact that more than 2 million of these sausages are fed to the people who make the Golf R certainly does make it feel like the most important sausage in the world.

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