Watch: This VW Was a Porsche Parts Transporter

It only makes sense that Volkswagen microbuses were used as Porsche transporters, sharing much in common, but the story here goes a little deeper.

Now owned by Scooter Gabel (definitely a pseudonym), the Type 2 was first bought by Vasek Polak Porsche in 1969. The dealership needed a way to get Porsche parts from the ports to dealer lots. So, naturally, they got these.

But what made this an especially attractive option was that the dealership would simply sell this on the lot and make a secondary profit on the cars.

This one, for instance, was sold to someone who owned a flower shop, before eventually making its way to Jacksonville, where Gabel found it.

Assuming it was just a bay-window that someone had painted Porsche signs on, he wasn’t wildly excited about it, but thought the price was fair, so went to take a look at it.

After doing some research, though, he determined that this was, in fact, an original Porsche parts hauler and scooped it up before anyone else could. Although it’s not perfectly original, it’s still cool enough to take to the Classic 24 Hours of Daytona.

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