A Manthey Performance Equipped Porsche Is the King of the \u2018Ring

There is a new king of the famed Nurburgring: The Porsche 911 GT2 RS that’s been equipped with the Manthey Performance kit. If you’re wondering how you missed the new 911 GT2 RS reveal: don’t. This is the previous generation top-tier Porsche that’s been worked over by the folks at Manthey. The powerful Porsche doesn’t receive much in the way of engine upgrades, but almost every other part of the 991.2-generation 911 GT2 RS has seen some high-performance improvements.

This Manthey Performance Kit includes braking, aerodynamic and chassis upgrades. The new aero package helps increase downforce, as you’d probably expect from a high-performance aero package. The Manthey kit increases downforce on the front axle from the 108 lbs you’d see at 124 mph to 154 lbs. At the same speed, rear downforce jumps from 205 lbs to 440 lbs.

That increase in downforce works with the upgraded, track-focused Manthey suspension. Manthey’s 911 GT2 RS sports adjustable coilovers front and rear. The adjustability means you can dial your 911 GT2 RS in to help overcome various tracks and track conditions. The GT2 RS kit comes with the Weissach Package’s magnesium alloy wheels to help shave some unsprung weight. Bringing the beast to a stop is a set of race-spec brake pads clamping ceramic rotors.

As you can see from the lap above, the kit does a fantastic job at upgrading the already-great 911 GT2 RS. Adding such a kit to your car is as easy as snagging one, as long as you live in Europe. Porsche doesn’t offer the Manthey Performance kit, but the company is evaluating other markets. So, if your 911 GT2 RS is stashed in North America, you might let your friends at Porsche know you’re also interested in this making its way stateside.

Do you think this Manthey Performance kit is worth modifying your ultra-rare 911 GT2 RS? Let us know in the comments below .

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