Daniel Ricciardo sets 'realistic' title tilt target

Conceding he wishes he already had one title to his name, Daniel Ricciardo reckons Renault can “realistically” fight for the crown in 2021.

Ricciardo will swap his Renault-powered Red Bull racer for a Renault works car next season having opted to swap teams.

The Aussie, who made the announcement in August, has said he wants a new challenge which Red Bull seem to think joining Renault will be given that the Milton Keynes squad blames the Renault engine for all their troubles.

Ricciardo, though, is confident the Enstone team will get it right, they just need a bit of time.

Asked by AS if he had set a date to win his first title, Ricciardo joked: “Five years ago!

“I mean, 2014 I believe I drove well enough to be world champion that year, so for me it’s already overdue.

“But now, starting this next journey, realistically I would say 2021, I want to be World Champion that year.”

But while he is expecting to challenge for the title next season, that doesn’t mean Ricciardo plans on resting on his laurels.

“My goal is to… I think a few things,” he said.

“As a team to get their best result possible. I don’t know now what their best is for the last few years, but if it’s sixth, I want to finish fifth, for example.

“I also want to prove to myself and to other people that it was the right decision, I guess to prove some people wrong.

“And just grow with the team and to feel the progress, to be part of that, and to feel like their investment in me was worthwhile.”

“Formula One is a premium product in its own right, and our partnership with Haas F1 Team ensures we have a prized asset on which to build our global marketing efforts.”

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