Teams reject Formula 1's 'show and tell' idea for 2022 season – report

Formula 1 teams have already rejected Ross Brawn’s ‘show and tell’ proposal for next year’s race weekends, according to a report.

At the start of November, Brawn, F1’s motorsports managing director, announced plans to restructure the format at grands prix in 2022, the main headline of which was that the number of sprint qualifying weekends will be doubled from three to six.

But also on the table, along with a reduction in the number of tyre sets available, was for the Thursday media commitments to be moved to a Friday, potentially meaning drivers could arrive later at the circuit – which at least some of them would be sure to welcome.

The Friday, under Brawn’s idea, would also include a ‘show and tell’ session where teams would be encouraged to explain modifications they had made to their cars.

“What we are doing on a Friday is a big session for you guys (the media) to have a look at the cars and talk to the personnel,” said Brawn.

“So next year, on a Friday morning, the cars will be presented to you. The teams will explain the changes they have made for that weekend and they will declare to the FIA the changes they have made.”

However, it has been reported the teams have pushed back on this suggestion, which would have been in conjunction with parc ferme conditions being brought forward to the Friday morning.

The Spanish edition of report that “the so-called ‘show and tell’ session has already dropped off the 2022 radar”, adding that “at most, the teams will issue a statement hinting at what new parts will be fitted to the cars to go out on track, and they are likely to remain just as reluctant to do so”.

The reason for the reluctance, of course, is the secrecy with which teams operate regarding improvements to their cars in order to gain an edge on their rivals until the cat is out of the bag.


The main issue, however, is said to surround bringing forward parc ferme to before the cars have even taken to the track, with scrutineering set to take place on Friday morning in 2022 and FP1 and FP2 – unless it is a sprint qualifying weekend – in the afternoon.

Teams are reported to be completely opposed to the idea of changing the current system whereby engineers can make set-up changes until the start of qualifying, with the revised plan having been blocked.


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