Improve Your Commute With a Retrofit Electronic Fuel-Injection System

Remember when you use to drive an old Camaro, Nova, or Camaro to work every day? You’d fight with the choke on a cold morning in an effort to keep the darned thing running until the intake manifold warmed up, and then hit the road. We remember the long-standing battle between mankind and the humble carburetor. You adjust the carburetor; get the idle mixture just right where you want it for a smooth idle. The next day, you fire it up and it runs rough. Again—a trip underhood for more tweaking. This frustration isn’t specific to any brand of carb, it’s just part of the analog nature of carburetors. It also explains the increased popularity of EFI retrofit kits.

The Go EFI 4 self-tuning fuel-injection system from FiTech is rated to 600 horsepower, yet is suitable for engines ranging from 200 to 650 horsepower. This system is perfect for your classic Chevy everyday driver, weekend bruiser cruiser, and bracket racer. The Go EFI 4 system features the fastest, most reliable self-learning electronics available and includes timing control, wet-flow annular discharge boosters, laptop free tuning, and plenty of additional features that make both installation and operation easy.

FiTech has conceived, designed, and engineered a throttle-body electronic fuel-injection system that’s the perfect drop-in replacement for the time-proven carburetor. Enthusiasts want a user-friendly 400- or 600-horse bolt-on EFI system that will work well in their classic Chevy cruiser or daily commuter and is plug-and-play. The Go EFI 4 atomizer is a ready-to-run system that sticks to the basic functions necessary to get the best performance and economy out of your street and mild performance engine. It’s perfect for your road-going street cruiser or weekend warrior. Installation is straightforward and can be accomplished in a weekend. You can modify your existing fuel tank using components from their Hyperfuel line or order a self-contained EFI-ready fuel tank designed specifically for your Chevelle, Camaro, Nova, or Impala. The choice is yours.

The FiTech Go EFI 4 system will bolt directly to any square-flange intake manifold. If you have a Quadrajet intake, you can use a carburetor flange adapter. Suitable adapter plates are available from Summit Racing (PN SUM-G1420). The FiTech Go EFI 4 system is self-tuning once the simple initial setup is performed using the handheld controller. When the initial inputs are made with the handheld controller the Go Street EFI system generates a base fuel map to get the engine running. Then, the self-tuning programming will fine-tune the fuel map to produce optimum power and performance. Through the use of a wideband O2 sensor the system can continuously make adjustments to fuel delivery to provide the correct air/fuel ratio under all climate and altitude conditions. The electronic control unit (ECU) is mounted on the throttle body thus eliminating the necessity of remote mounting the ECU module (computer) and the need for an unsightly harness draped over the engine.

So how does FiTech work? It works like the electronic engine control in your modern everyday ride, with the exception being ignition timing. It does not control ignition timing. A microprocessor (computer) takes various inputs from your engine—coolant temperature, oxygen content of the exhaust gas, and throttle position—and turns those inputs into function—with the result being consistent fuel delivery. The fuel injectors pulse, emitting a fuel spray into the throttle bores. The amount of fuel is measured in pulses and pounds per hour. As you step on the gas, the throttle position sensor (TPS) “tells” the computer to increase the fuel injector pulse rate (pulses per second), which results in greater fuel delivery to get the revs up. But enough with theory, let’s put these parts to work updating the small-block in a 1970 El Camino.






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