‘Stick to the limit!’ Motorists warned of 3,000 speed cameras in UK – which area has most?

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British drivers have been urged by experts at LeaseLoco to “stick within the speed limits” as their research revealed that there are around 3,621 fixed speed cameras installed across multiple regions in the UK. The North West has the most cameras with the figure standing at 657.

South East England, with 639 fixed cameras, is the only other region with more than 600 devices.

At the other end of the scale, there are only 78 speed cameras across the West Midlands.

The East of England came in third place with 480 fixed speed cameras.

The region was followed by the East Midlands (434), Wales (316), Yorkshire (297), South West (230), Scotland (202), London (151), and North East (137).

At a county level, Lancashire (261) has the highest number of fixed speed cameras, 50 percent more than Greater Manchester (174), which is ranked second for cameras.

The data, however, does not reveal how many of these cameras are active.

And a report published in 2017 revealed that almost half of all fixed speed cameras were not operational.

John Wilmot, CEO of LeaseLoco, said: “Speed cameras have been a familiar sight on UK roads for years.

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“And this data reveals the disparity between regions when it comes to the number of cameras surveilling our roads, with 500 more across the North West than neighbouring North East England.”

Mr Wilmot added: “What this data doesn’t reveal is the percentage of these roadside cameras that are currently operational.

“If Police Authorities’ figures from 2017 are still accurate, then only half of speed cameras are active and motorists may be tempted to gamble in light of these odds.

“That’s an irresponsible game to play, and even if you do drive through an area where fixed cameras aren’t active, you still won’t be immune from mobile speed cameras.

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