Charging Tesla Destroyed By Fire Which Spread To Owner’s House

Another Tesla has gone up in flames while charging, this time a white Model Y that was plugged in just outside a garage and house in Maple Glen, Pennsylvania. The vehicle was badly burnt and the fire had started spreading to the nearby garage; had firefighters come any later, the garage and house would have been much more severely affected.

Little is known right now about what exactly happened, but according to 6ABC Action News, the fire reportedly started in the back of the vehicle and then quickly spread. The vehicle was plugged in and most likely charging at the time, which seems to be the time when these electric vehicles are catching fire most frequently.

This particular fire is currently under investigation and no cause has been officially announced. Back in 2019, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said no to a petition asking for an in-depth, formal investigation of the Tesla battery management software, in order to find a link between recently updated software and the battery fire issue.

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