Bangalore-Noida road trip in my Toyota Camry: Got a mileage of 21 km/l

We drove in Eco mode and used cruise control for the most parts.

BHPian anvay recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Completed a Bangalore-Noida road trip in my Toyota Camry Hybrid over the extended weekend (Fri-Sat-Sun):

  • Total Distance covered: Approx 2,350 km. Drove a little (~150km) inside Hyderabad to meet with some cousins.
  • Average mileage for the whole trip: 20.9 km/l. Mostly in Eco mode. In case of starting from a standstill and the cabin needing extra cooling, we switched to normal mode.
  • Used regular petrol. Refuelling in Hyderabad and Jhansi.
  • For most of the journey, we were running at cruise control of 105 – 115 km/h, depending on road conditions.
  • Loved the AC. Even after 1200 km in a day with just two drivers. We had the stamina for more km. In the interest of safety and not driving at night, we stopped.
  • Stock headlights are brilliant for night driving.
  • No Scraping along the route at all. The ground clearance is more than enough.
  • Cooled storage in the central armrest was big enough and effective enough to cool 2 water/cold drink bottles 2 cans of red bull and some fruits.
  • For best mileage, use cruise control for stopping as well till 30 km/h. The brakes are not too strong in that mode, but if you can anticipate from a distance, you can gain 1 km/l easily over there.

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