Bought a used Maruti S-Cross 1.6 diesel: 1-year ownership experience

Took a test ride of Tata Harrier and Kia Seltos, but spending Rs 20-25 lakhs just didn’t seem worth it.

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Hello all,


I am 27 years old. A Civil Engineer, residing and working in Mumbai.

So back in 2019, the i10 completed its 10 years mark. It had started showing its age with increased maintenance bills and frequent replacement of wear and tear parts. My itch of getting a new car was growing day by day and we (me and my dad) were on the lookout for the same. Meanwhile, daily running had increased due to changes in job and the i10 was converted to CNG. Thus outstation trips were simply not possible in the i10.

Decision Making

All the cars between Rs 10 to 25 lakh bracket were considered with no particular preference. Took a test ride of Harrier and Seltos but spending 20-25 big ones just didn’t seem worth it.

The option of getting a preowned car was kept open, but both I and my dad were reluctant about it. Getting a clean example was a task. But nevertheless kept on scrolling on various online sites.

Failed VAG Plan

A known dealer had 2 examples of Skoda Octavia 2016 one in petrol and the other in diesel. Both were automatic models. One afternoon I visited the dealer to have a better look at both cars. Cars were parked in the basement parking lot. The first look did not inspire much confidence in me. There were scratches all along the car, the front tyre was deflated, a thick layer of dust on the car and even the interior was not clean. Anyways, I made up my mind and took a test drive of the petrol automatic. The drive was smooth, gear shifts happened in a snap and no drama from the suspensions. Mechanically the car seemed in good condition for a 60k run car, but the amount of work needed to get the exteriors and interiors in liveable condition was too much for my liking. Plus the dealer quoted 12L with no negotiations for the petrol variant and 11L for the similar run diesel. I did not pursue it further as I had some other financial priorities, and getting a 5-year-old, out-of-warranty, VAG car home is a BIG NO!

Moment of Realisation

Months passed without any substantial progress. Then one fine day, I stumbled upon a thread on T-bhp – Pre Worshipped car of the week – S-cross

Suddenly, this underrated car started becoming my reading material day and night. Read the official T-bhp review published back in 2015, and various ownership threads. The one thing that set my heart on this car was Dr.Naren’s Stage 3 S-cross 1.6 Alpha. The thread provided so many insights into the car, that I started appreciating it much more than I ever did before.

First Contact

Then began the tough job of finding a clean example of the 1.6, which to be honest is quite rare. Many dealers quoted 1.3 as 1.6 and it was very difficult to find the genuine ones. But I was able to find an S-cross 1.6 Alpha 2015 model 40,400 km on the odo with the same dealer I went to before. Took a test drive, and this was the first time I was driving a diesel vehicle. The torque kick was just addictive and I had tasted it for the very first time. The engine was smooth for a diesel. The Clutch was a little heavy for my liking. The suspension of the car was in good shape and it swallowed the bumps and potholes without any noise. There were hardly any deep scratches on the exterior of the car. Overall the car seemed to be well kept. My heart was made up then and there itself. But my mind still needed some convincing so I took a test drive of the new S-cross 1.5 petrol. To be honest I was not able to enjoy the car as much as I enjoyed the very few moments I had with the 1.6. So the decision was made.


Finally got the car home on the first day of Diwali 2021.

First Picture after Pooja

Attaching some random pictures of my drives until now. Been to Goa 2 times in a year. Short drives to Nashik, Lonavala, Pune, and many more.


Negatives/Things to work on

Mods planned (Suggestions welcome)

Super happy with the decision of going the preowned route. Would like to thank this amazing forum for all the information it provided and helped me make this decision.

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