Why is Tata Motors slyly deleting features from its new cars?

We’re extremely happy with the strides that Tata Motors has made in the last 3 years. They have greatly improved their product offerings with impressive new launches such as the Hexa, Nexon & Tiago. In turn, customers have flocked to the latter two cars as is evident in our sales reports.

But is the success already getting to their heads? Why has Tata started deleting features from its new models?

The Hexa takes the biggest hit and loses a lot of essential features from the base and mid variants. Making things worse, the Hexa is not the only Tata product to lose a few features in the recent past. The Nexon and Tiago are victims too.

We sure hope that the bean counters aren’t winning over the product planners.

Tata Hexa

A few comments from BHPians:


The reverse camera missing the guidelines plus the extremely poor quality in dimly lit surroundings is just unpardonable. A car of this size needed a better reverse parking assist.

Posted by iamrightnow:

Thanks. The cast was removed yesterday, and now the real recovery starts. The car has roof rail as it is May model. You are right, July onwards manufactured Hexas don’t have roof rail and the third row charging port. The roof rail cost is 35k+ if you purchase it as an accessory from Tata. Extremely weird and poor decision-making in the name of cost cutting by Tata to omit these in a car north of 20L. Also, when you consider missing ESP and few other safety features, now customers must think if they are getting the best bang for their bucks.

Posted by PraNeel:

Tata has explicitly mentioned in their brochure that roof rails are now deleted from all versions. Either the brochure editor was not bothered or he was upset about the deletion.

Posted by McLaren Roxx:

Actually 19 inch spare was deleted almost immediately after launch. Only 1 or 2 members in our PAN India owners group have a 19 inch spare.

Posted by Torquedo:

Fellow Hexa Owners –

Can someone please summarize the missing features on the XE variant being sold as on date in comparison to the one that was launched initially.

I can figure out the following –

1) Missing Sun Blinds
2) No Steering Mounted controls.

Posted by AdityaDeane:

So, the features missing in the MY2018 model over the MY2017 model are as follows:-
1. Misses out on Tata Signature Front Grille with Chrome Humanity Line (was in Platinum Silver in MY2017), Black Out Door Frame, Floating Roof.
2. Skid Plates are now in Ebony Black (were in Grey earlier).
3. Seat Upholstery and Door Trim Inserts changed from Full Fabric (MY2017) to Premium Fabric (MY2018). Door Trim Inserts were not present in MY2017 models.
4. Soft Touch Dashboard with Hexa Branding is not there anymore.
5. 4 Speaker system, as opposed to MY2017’s 4 Speaker and 2 Tweeter system.
7. ConnectNext App, NaviMaps App, Juke Car App and Tata Smart Manual App not supported now.
8. Hydraulic Brake Assist added in MY2018 variants.
9. Express Down on Driver Power Window removed.
10. Seating Capacity of 6 and 7 seater options, was only a 7 seater earlier.
11. Retractable Window Sunblinds now removed.
12. 12V Power Outlet only in the Front Row now, was in both Front and Second Rows in MY2017.
13. The brochure of MY2017 had an option of Sunglass Holder as standard on all variants, but it is not mentioned anywhere in the MY2018 brochure.
14. MY2017 came in only Pearl White and Arizona Blue, but MY2018 models come in Pearl White, Arizona Blue and Tungsten Silver (the 6 Seater is only available in Pearl White now)!!

– Skid Plates are now available in Ebony Black in the XE and the XM / XMA. Earlier, the XE had a grey skid plate, while the XM had a silver skid plate.

– The Humanity Line is now offered in silver on the XE and XM / XMA. It was earlier in chrome.

– The XE and the XM / XMA do not get the ‘Soft Touch Dashboard with Hexa Branding’ anymore.

– 12V Power Outlet only in the Front Row now for the XE and XM / XMA variants. In MY 2017, it was available in the first and second rows.

Additionally, according to the brochure, the following features are also missing:
For the XT, the 12V outlet is now available only in the first 2 rows. Earlier, it was available in the third row.
Base XE no longer gets steering-mounted audio/phone controls.
Base XE no longer gets speed-dependent volume control.
XM loses the ORVM Demister.

Tata Nexon

A few comments from BHPians:

Posted by AdityaDeane:

So, finally with the new updated brochure, I stand corrected. Only XZ+and XZA+ have ISOFIX Child Seat Mounts and not as standard on all variants as mentioned in the opening post of this Review.

Posted by KA18:

Forwarded message received on WhatsApp from trustworthy sources (see attached image)

Posted by teknicsand:

I have it. I think TATA has been progressively removing features. I don’t have the passenger side keyless entry, while some folks here have it.

Posted by avingodb:

Also noticed that the ORVMs don’t say the usual “objects in the mirror….” thing. Is it deliberate or something? Secondly, the triangle holder velcro in boot which was highlighted in the review is not there in my car. Is it the case of deleted feature?

Additionally, according to the brochure, the following features are also missing:
Base XE loses wheel covers.
Only XZ, XZ+ & XZA+ get fast USB Chargers (earlier, even XM got fast charging).

Tata Tiago

A few comments from BHPians:

Posted by RavenAvi:

3 things are missing in our car, compared to the Tiagos manufactured before September 1st of this year –

1) under-bonnet insulation hood for petrols,
2) the boot lamp on the right side under the parcel tray,
3) the strings which are attached to the parcel tray and the boot lid on the underside, which made the parcel tray lift up automatically when the boot lid is opened. To make matters worse, holes for those strings are left on either side of the parcel tray which are a real eyesore.

Thankfully, the under-bootlid hood is still there in our car. Some recent owners have reported this as missing in their XZs.
Also, the spare wheel is a 13-incher, not a full-sized one.

Additionally, according to the brochure, the following features are also missing:
Rear parcel shelf removed from the XM and XT.
Day and Night IRVM removed from XT.
Central locking with flippy key removed from XM.
Vanity mirror on the co-driver’s side removed from XT.

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